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EcoQuip was established in 2013 by its Founder, Dave Sharp. After several years in the solar installation and battery systems development sectors, Dave identified:

  • a global scale transition from diesel powered mobile lighting solutions to solar / battery powered alternatives was building momentum; and
  • a “step change” mobile solar / Li-Ion (LFP) battery powered lighting and communications tower solution was essential to deliver the reliability and safety performance required for critical infrastructure and autonomous mining equipment support systems.

In 2018, after several years of innovation and development, EcoQuip completed:

  • the design and initial manufacture of its fourth generation Mobile Solar Lighting / Communications Tower (MSLT / MSCT Gen 4); and
  • selected an advanced LFP battery and related battery management solution that could deliver the safety and reliability requirements for our primary market focus on mining and construction’s critical infrastructure sector.

Partner Capability Approach

To achieve EcoQuip’s equipment high quality standards and reliability objectives, the business completed an extensive global partner identification and evaluation process.
The MSLT and MSCT Gen 4 are the most recent outcomes from EcoQuip’s approach to continual innovation. Our Gen 4 solution combines EcoQuip’s solar power system design and installation experience with:

  • the world class equipment design durability and functionality experience of a US military equipment and electronics design manufacturer; and
  • a combined LFP battery and battery management system solution that we believe is ideally suited to deliver the durability, safety and reliability requirements for critical infrastructure support systems in the resources and construction sectors.

Ownership Structure

EcoQuip was 100% owned by its founder Dave Sharp until 2017. In early 2018, Volt Power Group Limited (ASX:VPR) became a 50% shareholder of EcoQuip and provided the funding to directly support a new growth strategy to roll-out EcoQuip’s innovative mobile solar power and battery system solutions to the resources and construction related markets globally.

  1. Robust design and reliability – EcoQuip equipment solutions are robust, with resource sector compatible build quality, automated operation and GPS capability delivering safe and proven reliable year-round illumination and communications power supply performance.
  2. Low cost – EcoQuip solutions require no fuel, are single person deployment and recovery, and require negligible life-cycle maintenance or trades intervention.
  3. No capital cost – EcoQuip adopts a low-risk, flexible rental agreement for the supply of its equipment solutions. This delivers customer fleet size increase and decrease flexibility, ensures equipment performance risk remains with EcoQuip and provides for the rapid uptake of new technology alternatives by simple displacement of superseded rental fleet.
  4. Eco-friendly – zero fossil fuel requirements, zero noise and zero carbon emissions.
  5. EcoQuip Modular Energy Storage Pack – delivers superior LFP battery reliability and performance.
  6. Emissions Reduction – the EcoQuip MSLT LED lighting units are fitted with smart energy meters that log PV energy harvested. Harvested energy quantification demonstrates a project’s positive contribution to emission reduction using renewable energy alternatives.
  7. EcoQuip Dashboard – bespoke monitoring solution that provides real time performance from your operating base and available at your fingertips.

The accelerated development of solar / battery powered equipment solutions in recent years has been remarkable. However, the design quality, performance and reliability of OEM mobile solar / battery powered lighting and communications support equipment is wide and challenging to navigate.

Numerous market alternatives lack the robust and durable design and power system reliability and safety attributes, necessary for critical data and lighting infrastructure performance. Further, the supply business model encourages “rusted on” supplier design objectives that deliver ongoing OEM revenues based on maximising life-cycle maintenance, component replacement and overall solution obsolescence (all reliability compromising).

The EcoQuip design philosophy and aligned business model is focused on optimised equipment design and innovation that delivers and facilitates:

  • Continuous safety improvement and risk mitigation outcomes;
  • Autonomous equipment support / critical infrastructure system robustness and reliability; and
  • Enables client / supplier commercial relationship alignment to maximise equipment life-cycle availability and durability.

The EcoQuip business model supplies mobile equipment for an agreed contract term based on a static monthly rental payment that commercially aligns the client / supplier equipment durability and reliability interests.

Rental equipment eliminates capital costs, provides the client with fleet flexibility and ensures equipment reliability performance risk remains with the supplier. In a continuously evolving solar / battery technology sector, rental supply achieves an ideal combination of low-cost access and the flexibility to replace existing fleet with newer technology innovations without significant capital investment by client. These outcomes support the aligned interests of client and supplier to achieve increased access to new technology as it evolves, reliability performance efficiency and cost reduction, period.

Dave Sharp

Executive Director

Founder of EcoQuip who owns a 50% interest in the company. In 2013, Dave began developing mobile solar lighting towers in response to a market gap for reliable mobile solar lighting and communications towers that provide a more reliable, cost effective and ecofriendly alternative to the diesel-powered equipment incumbent in the market.


Adam Boyd

Executive Chairman

Adam is the CEO and Managing Director of ASX-listed Volt Power Group Limited.

Adam most recently served as CEO and Managing Director of Pacific Energy Limited (ASX:PEA) from June 2006 to March 2015. During his tenure at Pacific Energy Limited, Adam led the Company to becoming a preeminent remote mine site contract power business in Australia.

Prior to joining Pacific Energy Limited, Adam was a senior executive with Global Renewables Group when it was jointly owned by GRD Limited and Hastings Funds Management Limited. During his tenure, Adam was principally involved in the successful commercialisation of Global Renewables alternative waste treatment and renewable energy process technology in Australia and the United Kingdom.


Andrew Tolj

Business Development Manager

Andrew joined EcoQuip in 2018 and has extensive global experience in business development including the identification, and roll-out of innovative industrial products into new and expansion markets. Andrew’s role is to help grow and develop EcoQuip’s market share.


Luke Finlay

Workshop Manager

Luke has been working closely with Dave for approximately 10 years and joined EcoQuip in 2015. Luke’s primary responsibility is to manage all aspects of fleet operations, including manufacturing, assembly, technical analysis and R & D plus ensures the operating fleet is maintained in good order and ready for rental and if any commissioning, training or on-site servicing required Luke will attend.


ECM Pty Ltd (ECM) and its Associates are the largest shareholder of Volt Power Group (50% shareholder of EcoQuip). ECM is a privately owned, electrical and mechanical construction and maintenance contracting business with its head office located in Perth, Western Australia. The ECM business has a highly successful 30-year history of power generation and infrastructure project delivery and maintenance execution. The business has a national footprint with offices located in Brisbane, Sydney and Port Hedland.

EcoQuip has access to use ECM’s technical expertise, project delivery capability, fabrication, management experience and back office capability and facilities.

A significant MSLT / MSCT fleet has been successfully deployed to EcoQuip clients including;

  • Airobotics (BHP Mining Area C)
  • Chevron (Wheatstone)
  • John Holland (Northern Freeway Extension)
  • NRW (Various Construction Sites)
  • Millennium Minerals (Nullagine)
  • Thiess Contracting (FMG Solomon)

Thiess Contracting and Airobotics have been utilising EcoQuip’s MSCT Gen 3 Towers for Wi-Fi repeater and survey drone communications solutions since being deployed in 2016 and 2018 respectively with 100% reliability.

“The MSLT performed with 100% reliability throughout the Mitchell Freeway northern extension construction job, including the winter months. The zero noise and exhaust emission features were essential given the proximity residential receptors. The cost saving was material. We’ll use this solution again. It enhances our environmental credentials.”

John Holland WA

“Thiess Contracting has utilised the EcoQuip MSLT LED lighting and MSCT Wi-Fi repeater solutions in the field at its FMG Solomon contract mining operation for 3 years. The EcoQuip mobile power solutions have delivered consistent performance and reliability in all weather conditions. We continue to enjoy significant cost benefits.”

Thiess Contracting