EcoQuip Dashboard

The EcoQuip Dashboard is a monitoring solution to ensure MSCT or MSLT system performance data is immediately available and / or integrated with existing site equipment monitoring / control systems. The salient information monitored includes:

  • Battery charge status;
  • Voltage;
  • Equipment location (GPS);
  • Elevation;
  • Fault alarm(s); and
  • Fault Log

EcoQuip Modular Energy Storage Pack Overview

Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) – The Safe Lithium Battery

The EcoQuip power supply system comprises a solar array, LFP batteries and incorporates an advanced battery management system. This EcoQuip Modular Energy Storage Pack (MESP) has been designed and tested to ensure efficient, reliable and scalable energy storage in variable high temperate environments and challenging land-based site conditions.

The MESP is designed to deliver optimised heat dissipation and minimise / mitigate charge and discharge heat generation. Each LFP battery cell is performance rated (with minimal de-rating) to 65 degrees C°. The battery management system software provides additional protection against over and under voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit. The MESP comprises:

  • multiple batteries for redundancy;
  • capable of “hot” operational change-out without power supply interruption; and
  • scalable to match communications solution load requirements and meet ‘military’ critical infrastructure risk reliability requirements.

EcoQuip’s MESP LFP battery and management system achieves far superior power supply performance and life cycle reliability compared with traditional lead acid/gel and alternative lithium battery technologies.

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Mobile Lighting

Your ‘Set and Forget’ Mobile Lighting Solution

The EcoQuip Mobile Solar Lighting Tower (MSLT) is a market disruptive mobile solar LED lighting tower designed for:

  • Road and civils construction activity lighting;
  • Shut downs and mobile plant maintenance;
  • Mine site haul road, traffic intersections and remote camps;
  • Festivals and Events – zero noise and emissions free

The MSLT is built to withstand the rigours of remote mine and construction site conditions. The MSLT requires negligible intervention eliminating all refuel, general service, tag and test, lifecycle maintenance and related significant safety risk and related procedures.

The MSLT Gen 4 consists of a single axle trailer package, an 8-metre industry benchmark telescopic mast, a 70,000 lumen LED lighting head incorporating the proprietary ‘EcoQuip EcoControl System’ achieving industry leading solar LED lighting quality, lumens per watt efficiency and illumination reliability.

The baseload power supply system comprises three x 330W solar panels and LFP battery capacity sized to suit a broad range of solar irradiation environments to ensure long-term reliable performance in year-round weather conditions. The combination of EcoQuip’s Modular Energy Storage Pack with the EcoControl System achieves what we consider the most efficient and reliable Mobile Solar Lighting Tower available worldwide.

Mobile Solar Communications Solutions

Your ‘Set and Forget’ Communications Support Solution

EcoQuip has developed four Mobile Solar Communications Support equipment options capable of providing:

  • Reliable and scalable power supply sized to any specific communications technology and
  • Multiple tower and headstock alternatives to address customer specific communications technology and surveillance platform requirements.

The optimal EcoQuip communications support solution for a specific application is dependent on technology and site-specific considerations including;

  • Communications technology electrical load required
  • Head stock weight
  • Location including site topography and support equipment location environmental conditions
  • Client budget
  • Deployment requirements and / or parameters
Mobile Solar Communications
Tower – Wi-Fi
Mobile Solar Communications
Tower – LTE 
Mobile Solar Skid Lattice Tower – LTE or Wi-Fi
Network equipment including Mesh Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot, 4G / 5G, point to point microwave and CCTV LTE, Survey, Mesh Wi-Fi, 802.11 Wi-Fi networks, 5G and CCTV LTE, Survey, Mesh Wi-Fi, 802.11 Wi-Fi networks, 4G / 5G point to point microwave and CCTV
Solar PV 3 x 330W Panels 8 x 330W Panels 8 – 24 x 330W Panels
Li-Ion Battery Battery sized to the relevant seasonal solar irradiation characteristics and repeater load profile Battery sized to the relevant seasonal irradiation characteristics and LTE solution load profile Battery sized to the relevant solar irradiation characteristics and installed communication technology solution load profile
Mast – Industry benchmark telescopic 8 metres 8 – 12 metres 8 – 30 metres
Trailer – single axle, Mine spec, road licensed

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Communications Shelter

Rail Solar LTE / Wi-Fi Communications Shelter – EcoQuip has a partner alliance with ECM. ECM has constructed bespoke Communications Shelter solutions for its clients and is currently developing a unique re-deployable Communications Shelter solution design that delivers a near completed solution for site installation, dramatically reducing installation and commissioning activities and related cost.

Further information to be released soon, in the interim please contact EcoQuip direct to discuss.